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Syria Video and Transcript: President Assad's Interview with Russia Today

RT: There are many people who were convinced a year ago that you would not make it this far. Here again you are sitting in a newly renovated presidential palace and recording this interview. Who exactly is your enemy at this point?

BA: My enemy is terrorism and instability in Syria. This is our enemy in Syria. It is not about the people, it is not about persons. The whole issue is not about me staying or leaving. It is about the country being safe or not. So, this is the enemy we have been fighting as Syria.

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Libya LiveBlog: The Last Push Against Former Leader Qaddafi

See also Sunday's Libya, Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Endgame in Tripoli?
Libya Video Special: Great Moments in Bad Journalism --- Russia Today on Regime Victory in Tripoli
Libya Video Special: The Country Where State TV's Newsreaders Wave Guns
Monday's Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Meanwhile, In Another Uprising....

1950 GMT: State TV newsreader Hala al Misrati, who achieved a bit of extra notoriety on Saturday night when she brandished a gun on-air and said she would defend the station from anyone who dared attack it (see EA special entry), has been detained. Insurgents told a CNN reporter who tried to interview her, that "she is unharmed".


1935 GMT: Al Jazeera is reporting that a NATO warplane intercepted a Scud missile fired from Sirte, presumably by regime forces, in Libya.

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Libya Video Special: Great Moments in Bad Journalism --- Russia Today on Regime Victory in Tripoli

While Alex Campbell of Britain's Sky News made an international name for herself during her hours-long live broadcast alongside opposition fighters on the march to the centre of Tripoli, I am not so sure that Russia Today and "independent journalist" Lizzie Phelan will be celebrating today.

If the former Iraqi regime had "Baghdad Bob" and Muammar Qaddafi has "Tripoli Timmy" (see Sunday's LiveBlog), with what historical name can we anoint this moment in journalism?

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