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Iran Feature: The Week in Civil Society --- Monkey in Space, Journalists in Prison (Arseh Sevom)

Everything has its place in Iran --- such as monkeys in space and journalists in prison.

And, oh what a prison! After detainees complain of their conditions, MPs visit Evin, calling it a “hotel.". Stoning makes a comeback — at least in print. The surveillance of Iran’s public spaces is revealed when Cafe Prague closes its doors in protest.

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US Military Feature: An Appeal to Germany --- Let Us Shoot Pigs For "Real-Life" Battlefield Training

German protesters demonstrate against proposed shooting and stabbing of pigs for US "battlefield training"

And now the latest news on Pigs, Medical Practice, and the US Military...

The US company Deployment Medicine International (DMI), which has branches across Europe, wants changes in Germany's animal rights laws so it can conduct medical training with live pigs as subjects.

DMI is a contractor for the US military, training the majority of army medics in Operational Medicine courses. These include “live tissue training” which requires pigs --- selected for their closeness to human flesh --- to be deliberately wounded to recreate battlefield trauma on which the medics gain "real-life" experience.

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