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Iran Feature: The Week in Civil Society --- Monkey in Space, Journalists in Prison (Arseh Sevom)

Everything has its place in Iran --- such as monkeys in space and journalists in prison.

And, oh what a prison! After detainees complain of their conditions, MPs visit Evin, calling it a “hotel.". Stoning makes a comeback — at least in print. The surveillance of Iran’s public spaces is revealed when Cafe Prague closes its doors in protest.

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Iran Breaking: The Space Monkey Could Be A Nuclear Warhead

Space Monkey or Nuclear Warhead?

Earlier today we posted a note that Iran has launched its first satellite carrying a live monkey. We did not post it as a separate feature because, frankly, we had been hearing stories of a Space Monkey Flight from Tehran for almost two years. So while we were relieved that it finally happened --- and, more importantly, hoping that the Space Monkey made it back to earth --- we were ready to move on.

What could possibly stir our excitement? What could turn mild interest into Very Important Headline News?

Step up, Reuters....

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