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China Feature: Week in Review --- The "Chinese Dream" with Taiwan, Protecting Ships Near Somalia (Lin)

Chinese President Xi Jinping (right) with Lien Chan of Taiwan's Kuomintang Party

President Promotes Cross-strait Ties with Taiwan

President Xi Jinping met with Lien Chan, the visiting Honorary Chairman of the Kuomintang Party, Lien Chan at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Monday.

The Kuomintang were the long-time rulers of China before the Communist Party took control in 1949, moving to the island of Taiwan after the Revolutionary. China does not recognise an independent Taiwan, claiming it as part of "one nation", but does maintain a relationship with the Kuomintang.

In the first meeting between senior officials after the 18th Communist Party Congress, Xi expressed his hope that those on both sides of the Taiwan Strait can cooperate:

If the brothers are of the same mind, their sharpness can cut through metal. "We sincerely hope Taiwan can develop along with the mainland and compatriots from both sides of the Strait can join hands in realising the "Chinese dream".

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China Analysis: Introducing President Xi Jinping --- A Princeling Facing "Flies" and "Tigers" (Lin)

To establish his authority, President Xi Jinping must maintain China's economic development while dealing with the "flies", the local officials who have recently faced allegations of corruption, and the "tigers", the senior officials in central Government who may see Xi as a threat to their power.

Can he succeed? And, perhaps more importantly, how will he attempt to do so --- with strong public moves for reform or with a more cautious approach within the Party, even as he cultivates his image with the Chinese people as their representative against corruption?

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China Feature: Week in Review --- Reforms on "Media Criticism" and Labour Camps? (Lin)

A Chinese labour camp

President Xi Jinping's Reforms to Allow "Media Criticism"?

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has urged the Community to be more tolerant of media critique and receptive to the views of non-Communists.

Xi said, "The CPC should be able to put up with sharp criticism, correct mistakes if it has committed them and avoid them if it has not."

Xi called upon the non-Communists to co-operate with the Party on common political common ground, namely, the socialist political system with Chinese characteristics. He urged them to offer more wise and practical suggestions and consultations to advance the country's development: "Non-Party personages should ave the courage to tell the truth, speak words jarring on the ear, and truthfully reflect public aspirations."

Xi's remarks sit alongside recent episodes of censorship, such as the Party's suppression of a New Year's editoral in the Southern Daily which called for "constitutionalism".

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China Feature: Week in Review --- Pollution Chokes Beijing, Censorship Chokes a Major Newspaper (Lin)

In a possible test for new Chinese leader Xi Jinping's views on media freedom, the political effects continue from censorship of the leading newspaper Southern Weekend, after authorities banned a New Year’s editorial, “Chinese Dream, A Dream of Constitutionalism”.

An open letter signed by prominent academics has called on a top propaganda official in southern China to resign over allegations that he unjustifiably censored the comment.

The letter by the academics threatened to undermine the Communist Party’s effort to put away the editorial, but authorities have held the line. Southern Weekly was forced to announce that the published editorial was not tampered and apologise for some "spelling mistakes" in a rush work. The Central Propaganda Department ordered mainstream media to carry an official editorial from the Global Times, a party-controlled newspaper, saying any reference to wide-spread version of “constitutionalism” had been a mistake and also spoke of manipulation by outside powers. When Beijing News refused to carry the official editorial, it was threatened with dissolution.

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Turkey Live Coverage (9 April): Strong Language and Diplomacy Over Syria, Iran, and Kurdistan

1840 GMT: Co-chairman of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), Selahattin Demirtas says:

If Prime Minister wants to talk about the Kurdish problem, he can talk anything with BDP, including education in mother language, the new constitution, constitutional citizenship and legal amendments. 

However, Prime Minister's problem has nothing to with Kurdish people's rights and freedom. Prime Minister always wants to talk about the armed conflict. The problem in his head is only the problem of arms.

1825 GMT: Turkey's famous columnist Nuray Mert writes about Ankara's plans on the Kurdish issue within the context of the Syrian crisis. Mert agrees with our snap analysis so far, arguing that Ankara is paying attention to the structure of the Syrian opposition due to its fear of facing a stronger Kurdish presence in Syria.

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China Economy Weekly: "Open to Foreign Firms" and Imports, Agreement with Taiwan, Inflation at 22-Month High

China "Open to Foreign Firms": Vice President Xi Jinping has said that China is taking vigorous steps to create a more open, optimal environment for foreign enterprises.

Xi made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the 2nd World Investment Forum  in Xiamen City in southeast China's Fujian Province.

 Foreign direct investment this year is set to "surpass $100 billion", compared to $90 billion dollars last year, an official with China's Ministry of Commerce said on Sunday.

Moving in the other direction, China is now fifth in outbound direct investment with a total volume of $56.5 billion, compared to a ranking of 12th in 2008.

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