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Palin 2012? Here's a Clue....

My relatives tell me of an interesting political development in Georgia (the American one, not the Caucacus one).

Because Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss failed to get 50 percent of the vote on Election Night, he has to fight Democrat Jim Martin in a runoff on 2 December. Since the swing of a Senate seat to the Democrats could be quite signficant, especially with the outcome in Minnesota up in the air, national politicians are doing some serious campaignin' for the candidates.

John McCain is due in Marietta, Georgia, today for a rally. Republican organisers also wanted Sarah Palin to journey to the Peach State, but she's turned them down. Apparently, she's "too busy".

Really? Sister Sarah certainly wasn't too busy for a series of nationally-televised interviews this week to give her definitive reading on the McCain campaign, and I bet she won't be passing on a high-profile appearance at the Republican Governors' Conference this weekend.

Fancy a good in-fight? Watch this space....

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