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Egypt (and Beyond) Live: Mubarak Retrial Opens

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Friday's Israel (and Beyond) Live: A Quiet "Freeze" on Settlement Expansion?

1925 GMT: Palestine. West Bank Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has submitted his resignation to President Mahmud Abba, despite US efforts for him to stay on.

"Fayyad met Abbas for half an hour in the president's headquarters in Ramallah in the West Bank and officially handed him his written resignation," a Palestinian official said.

Abbas tasked Fayyad with the role of caretaker for the current government until a new Prime Minister is appointed, another official said.

Late Friday, US Secretary of State John Kerry telephoned Abbas to press him to find common ground with his prime minister over economic policies, Palestinian officials said.

A senior Palestinian official said Fayyad had had his letter of resignation prepared since 23 March but put off submitting it because of a visit to Israel and Palestine by US President Barack Obama and Abbas's overseas trips.

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Egypt Live Coverage: Former President Mubarak Learns His Fate

Tahrir Square in Cairo tonight

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2100 GMT: State TV is reporting at least 61 people injured in clashes today.

2000 GMT: Egyptian football supporters, known as "Ultras", have been part of the uprising and protests since January 2011. They were in Tahrir Square again tonight:

And in the Sinai Peninsula, a march in Arish:

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Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Will Arab League Observers Make a Difference?

Protesters in front of the headquarters of the ruling Ba'ath Party in the Syrian capital Damascus last night

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Tuesday's Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Pounding Homs

2108 GMT: Citizen journalist Khaled Abu Salah confronts the head of the Arab League observers, Mohamed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi:

Another video of the chaos and gunfire surrounding the observers in Bab Sbaa in Homs:

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Yemen, Syria (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Destroying the Protest Camp

Claimed footage of security forces firing on mass crowd in Taiz in Yemen today

1950 GMT: The Italian Foreign Ministry says it has temporarily shut the Embassy in Yemen and withdrawn all staff.

1940 GMT: Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa has called for talks on reform involving all parties as the regime says it will lift a state of emergency on Wednesday.

Al-Khalifa said the discussions would begin on 1 July, according to the State news agency BNA: "The king called on everyone to take push forward reform for development in all areas and to firmly anchor the bases of the reform process." Al-Khalifa had told journalists that the talks would be "comprehensive, serious, and without preconditions".

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Yemen, Syria, Egypt (and Beyond) LiveBlog: The Battle Resumed

2110 GMT: Protest in Homs in Syria in memory of 13-year-old Hamza al-Khateeb (see 1625 GMT):

2105 GMT: Refuting earlier reports, Yemeni opposition tribal leader Sheikh Sadeq al-Ahmar has said that no truce has been reached between his tribe and President Saleh's forces.

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Egypt Video: Taking Mubarak's Sons Alaa and Gamal to Prison

Alaa and Gamal Mubarak, the sons of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak are taken to prison under a 15-day detention order while charges of corruption are investigated (an order against their father followed hours later).

Protesters call for the execution of the two Mubaraks, chanting: "Thieves!", and accuse Hosni Mubarak of being an American agent. They demand that Alaa and Gamal Mubarak be taken to prison in a police car, not a private vehicle.


Egypt (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Asserting Command?

2045 GMT: In Bahrain, eyewitnesses said one protester was killed as police in fired teargas and rubber bullets to break up pro-reform demonstrations. As helicopters circled over Manama, more than 20 people were hurt, one of them critically, in clashes in Shi'ite villages that ring the capital.

The kingdom has a Shi'ite majority but is ruled by a Sunni monarchy.

In the village of Diraz, authorities dispersed protesters with teargas (see video at 1845 GMT) Ten protesters were injured in Nuweidrat by police firing teargas and rubber bullets at demonstrations calling for the release of Shi'ite detainees.

1915 GMT: Suppression of another march in Bahrain:

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