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Iran Live Coverage: Getting Over-Excited About a US Drone

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2035 GMT: Media Watch. Reader Arshama (see Comments) brings the story that Serat News, reportedly close to the Basij militia, is on-line again after being blocked by the Filtering Commission today.

Farda News claimed that the filtering occurred after Serat ran a story about a "certain political group". Reportedly the site posted a video linking the pro-Ahmadinejad group that interrupted Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani's speech, in Qom on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, to the hard-line Constancy Front.

The offending article has now disappeared.

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The Latest from Iran (19 October): "The Sanctions Will Hurt Europe"

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The Latest from Iran (18 October): The Mysterious Sliding Currency

2130 GMT: CyberWatch. Golnaz Esfandiari of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty summarises the story --- covered in EA earlier this month --- of the Ministry of Intelligence's launch of the website

She observes, "Somewhat ironically for an agency that has admitted hacking into the email accounts of opposition members, it also offers tips on how to protect online data."

1800 GMT: Economy Watch. Prominent businessman Asadollah Asgarouladi has has continued his criticism of the Government's management of the economy, claiming that annual oil revenue has fallen from $100 billion to $30 billion.

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The Latest from Iran (17 September): An Intervention in Syria

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The Latest from Iran (16 September): The Rhetoric, the "Protests", and Now the Threats

1835 GMT: Foreign Affairs Watch (Lebanese Front). Following the declaration of the head of the Revolutionary Guards that Tehran has sent members of the Quds Force to Syria and Lebanon to provide "counsel", President Michel Sulaiman has challenged the Islamic Republic. “President Sulaiman asked for an official explanation from the relevant Iranian authorities,” his office said.

1825 GMT: Currency Watch. The Iranian Rial is falling again on the open market, dropping 2% vs. the US dollar to 24950:1.

Last week, the Rial broke the 25000:1 level for the first time, less than half its value at the official rate.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank has denied widespread reports that it has halted provision of foreign currency at the official rate to importers since last month, claiming that this is still available for the most important basic goods.

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Iran Snap Analysis: The Currency Crisis

As the currency crisis builds, so does the political tension. In the last week, criticism of the Government has been resurging, from tycoon Asadollah Asgarouladi to leading MP Ahmad Tavakoli --- relative and ally of Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani --- whose website Alef was blocked for weeks last month after it featured Tavakoli's call for Parliament to establish supervision of a Government ruining the economy.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Leader appears to be staying out of the fray. Possibly, that is because he wants to avoid the risk of collateral damage, taking blame for the problems of his people. Possibly, it is because his office does not know what to do. Probably, it is a combination of the two.

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