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Iran Feature: Non-News Nuclear Scare Story Of The Day (Reuters)

With the Iranian Presidential election and Syria dominating the news, there has been little space in the news cycle lately for a good, old-fashioned Iran nuclear scare story.

Yet, lest readers despair, Reuters' Dan Williams and --- of course --- Fredrik Dahl "man up", stepping up to the plate with this gem: Iran's Arak reactor looms into Israeli, Western view.

What news of Arak, Iran's heavy-water research reactor that has yet to become operational?

Oh. None.

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Iran Special: Statement By EU's Catherine Ashton After E3+3 Talks

See also The Latest from Iran (24 May): Day 2 of the Nuclear Talks in Baghdad

The E3+3 (sometimes known as the 5+1 Powers) talks with Iran about its nuclear program have ended in Baghdad. The parties have agreed to meet in Moscow on 18-19 June to continue the discussions. The statement of the European Union's Catherine Asthon:

Having held in-depth discussions with our Iranian counterparts over two
days --- both in full plenary sessions and bilaterals --- it is clear that we
both want to make progress, and that there is some common ground. However,
significant differences remain. Nonetheless, we do agree on the need for
further discussion to expand that common ground.

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Iran Special Analysis (Part 2): The IAEA's Nuclear Report --- Not All Sources Are Equal

If the burden on Iran, in the eyes of the IAEA, has been to show the level of co-operation to meet questions and assuage doubts, then the burden on the IAEA --- given that "proof", of either the absence or presence of a militarised nuclear programme, is likely to be beyond reach --- was to at least sweep away some of the cynicism over its effort by establishing a clear record of its enquiry.

The Agency may have cleared the low bar set by The New York Times, for whom any assertion was going to constitute "meticulous sourcing", but it has not gone much higher.

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