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Syria 1st-Hand: Regime "Gas Attacks" in Damascus (Le Monde)

Guerre chimique à Damas by lemondefr

A chemical attack on the Jobar front, on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, doesn't look like anything much at first. It's not spectacular. Above all, it's not detectable. And that's the aim: by the time the rebel fighters of the Free Syrian Army who have penetrated furthest into Damascus understand that they've been exposed to chemical products by government forces, it's too late. No matter which type of gas is used, it has already produced its effects, only a few hundred meters from residential areas of the Syrian capital.

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Syria Live Coverage: The Insurgents Attack Inside Damascus

2140 GMT: Someone is Arming the Rebels - Update. Yesterday, we published a separate article, Syria Analysis: Someone is Arming the Insurgents...and It's Working. Today, Brown Moses and I have seen much more evidence of this in action. A Free Syrian Army group from Daraa, the Ababil Horan Brigade, has moved from the south and have entered the Qadam district in southern Damascus. Not only this, but they are carrying with them M79 Osa anti-tank weapons, at least one RBG-6 grenade launcher, and at least one M60 recoilless rifle (which was spotted on February 3rd). In other words, multiple foreign-made weapons that we've written about in yesterday's article are all present, within the same group, and have all been deployed to attack Damascus as part of the new offensive.

This video reportedly shows the fighters, in a convoy, traveling to Al Qadam.

Ababil Houran entering Qadam on foot. Note the M79 carried by the soldier who hides his face:

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