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Iran Live Coverage: Ali Larijani and The Battle Within The Regime

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2109 GMT. Press Watch. Iranian reporter Hadi Nili lists up to 13 journalists who have been detained today --- these are in addition to Milad Fadai Asl and Soleiman Mohammadi, who were seized earlier in the weekend:

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Iran Feature: Regime to Media "Print Only Hope and Joy About Sanctions"

Tehran Chief Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Doulatabadi has called on the press and broadcasters to adopt the right tone in coveraage of the economy and sanctions:

It is expected that the media take more responsibility and understand the circumstances of [the country's] situation, and refrain from painting a bleak picture and exaggerating the problems. Instead, [the media] should create an atmosphere of hope and joy to prove that they can become a major asset in defending the Islamic Revolution.

And, in a twist, Doulatabadi gets his good news from another Western reporter, Clyde Russell of Reuters.

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The Latest from Iran (28 March): A Visit from Turkey's Erdoğan

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The Latest from Iran (27 March): The Lull Before the Talks

Iran Foreign Minister Salehi Greets Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan2030 GMT: Sanctions Watch. Back from a break to find yet more Iranian firms, connected to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, sanctioned by the US Treasury....

A day after imposing economic restrictions on several Iranian firms and Guards commanders, for alleged sales of arms to Syria and Gambia, the Treasury sanctioned engineering firms and sanctioned individuals and shipping companies with ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL).

The companies sanctioned include Iran Maritime Industrial Company SADRA, which has offices in Iran and Venezuela and is owned by Khatam al-Anbiya, the engineering arms of the Revolutionary Guards. Deep Offshore Technology PJS, which the Treasury said was a subsidiary of SADRA, was also punished.

Malship Shipping Agency Ltd and Modality Limited and two individuals, Seyed Alaeddin Sadat Rasool and Ali Ezati, were sanctioned because of alleged connections with IRISL.

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The Latest from Iran (15 June): Two Years Ago Today, There Were Millions

2040 GMT: Political Prisoner Watch. Prominent reformist Mostafa Tajzadeh, imprisoned for most of the period since June 2009, has been given a three-day leave.

2015 GMT: Al Jazeera English's coverage of the Iranian regime's announcement of an enhanced "moral police" (see Tuesday's LiveBlog) to enforce proper dress and behaviour:

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