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James Miller speaks to Al Jazeera about the Free Syrian Army

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Syria Video Feature: How Can You Get News Out of the Country? (Al Jazeera English)

EA Worldview's US Editor James Miller was interviewed by Al Jazeera's Meenakshi Ravi for an episode of The Listening Post. The topic was the Free Syrian Army's emergence into media and propaganda, and the realities of covering the crisis in Syria.

Other guests included Foreign Policy editor David Kenner, Al Jazeera correspondent Anita McNaught, and author Marwan Kraidy.

Also featured in the programme is a story about the media in Bahrain, and a feature on a video game that simulates war reporting.


Syria Special: Who is Observing What, and What Will Happen When They Finish?

I don't need to sugar coat this: there are a lot of people who have no faith in the Arab League mission in Syria. For starters, we already know what they will find. International observers, though limited in both numbers and opportunities to investigate independently, have given us conclusions. According to US Ambassador Robert Ford, or the UN delegation that visited in August, or the few reporters brave enough to smuggle themselves into Syria, President Assad is killing a lot of people and torturing many. And there is only one way to end this mess, with Assad giving up power.

Few of these facts are in question. Much of the counter-narrative provided by the Syrian regime has either been proven false or is a weak defense --- "some individuals are guilty of crimes" --- for the scale of the regime's carnage. If only half the claims of the activists are true, then the number of people who have died from violence in Syria this year is four times greater than in Egypt.

So why are there observers present, who are they, what will they see, and what will they do about it? Let's work backwards.

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