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Syria Feature: War Within a War? The Tension between the Free Syrian Army and Kurdish Militias (Solomon)

Claimed footage of Free Syrian Army attack on Kurdish rally in Ashrafiyeh in Aleppo, 26 October

After a week of clashes between anti-government rebels and Kurdish militants in Syria's Aleppo province, the two sides are observing a tenuous truce.

It is a war within a war which neither side wants.

"We want to fight the regime and instead we are fighting a new front that we don't need or have time for," said a fighter of the rebel Free Syria Army, warming himself over a fire on a on a mountain overlooking olive groves and stone villages.

"We should be in Aleppo fighting, instead we are camping."

The situation exemplifies the tangle of alliances, loyalties and rivalries -- local and international --- complicating the uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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Syria (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Idlib Explosions Raise the Stakes

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1545 GMT: Palestine. Al-Monitor claims, from Palestinian institutions monitoring Israeli prisons, that 15 Palestinian detainees have now been on hunger strike for at least 25 days, with one now on the 63rd day of a fast.

The article asserts that there are now almost 2000 prisoners on hunger strike.

1545 GMT: Syria. Another video of the funeral today in Idlib Province for victims of this morning's regime shelling and mortar fire:

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