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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Beatings, Molotovs, & a Death in Clashes

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Friday's Israel, Palestine (and Beyond) Live Coverage: UN Declares Jewish Settlements in West Bank "Illegal"

1945 GMT: Mali. French President Francois Hollande has said his Government will help rebuild Mali, three weeks after France's military offensive that swept Islamists from urban areas in the north of the country.

Hollande declared French troops would stay in Mali "as long as necessary", handing over to African troops "once the sovereignty of Mali is restored".

"Terrorist groups have been weakened, but not disappeared," Hollande said.

Speaking alongside the French President, Mali's interim leader, Dioncounda Traore, thanked France for freeing the north to from "barbarity and obscurantism".

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Israel, Palestine (and Beyond) Live Coverage: UN Declares Jewish Settlements in West Bank "Illegal"

2220 GMT: Egypt. The protesters in front of the Presidential Palace appear to be settling in for a long and drawn out battle:

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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Will There Be a "National Dialogue"?

1651 GMT: Bahrain. Sheikh Ali Salman, the head of the opposition society Al Wefaq, has said he is ready for discussions on a political settlement to end almost two years of conflict, "We welcome it, we are ready for it. We believe that dialogue and negotiations are necessary."

However, Salman called for Crown Prince Salman to attend to show the Government's had to show its willingness to offer "concrete solutions": "We want someone who can speak for the royal family."

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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Protests Continue Across Country

People defy the state of emergency's curfew in Suez Canal cities in Egypt (Photo: Ahram Online)

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Syria Live Coverage: Fighting Near Damascus and Its Airport
Monday's Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Morsi Declares 30-Day State of Emergency

1550 GMT: Israel. Israeli representatives have boycotted a regular review by the United Nations Human Rights Council, the first time a country has ever taken such action.

A decision last year to investigate Jewish settlements in the West Bank prompted Israel to announce it would no longer co-operate with the Council.

Tuesday's meeting was suspended and a course of action will be decided.

1350 GMT: Egypt. Dozens of gunmen raided and looted the InterContinental Semiramis hotel on Cairo's Nile Corniche early this morning, as staff called in vain for help from security forces.

Anti-government demonstrators secured the besieged hotel and helped guests flee in taxis to the airport. Protesters later helped security forces in arresting 12 people.

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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Morsi Declares 30-Day State of Emergency

1435 GMT: Yemen. 8 soldiers have been killed and 10 wounded in a car bombing at a military checkpoint:

The attack in the town of Radda was likely a retaliatory move by al Qaeda militants after Yemeni forces shelled insurgents in the southern province of al-Bayda earlier in the day, one of the officials said.

Earlier, 4 people were killed, including one soldier in an attack launched by the Yemeni army on alleged Al-Qaeda militants in the province of Baydaa’, center of the country, according to tribal and medical sources.

1413 GMT: Mali. The Independent of London reports on the killing of 12 civilians and injuring of 15 in French airstrikes earlier this month on the town of Konna.

The attack happened soon after the French intervention on 11 January, as the forces tried to dislodge insurgents who had recently taken the town.

Three of those killed were under the age of 11.

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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: At Least 7 Killed in Clashes on Anniversary of Uprising

Scenes in Port Said today, from announcement of death sentences to violence that has killed at least 30 people

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Saturday's Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: The 2-Year Anniversary of the Uprising

2105 GMT: Mali. French military officials say that French and Malian Government forces have taken control of Gao, one of three cities held by insurgents in the north since last spring.

Swooping in by land and by air and under the cover of darkness, French and Malian forces came under fire on Saturday morning and continued to face sporadic "acts of harassment" through the day, Colonel Thierry Burkhard said. He had no immediate estimate on casualties.

The Ministry of Defense later issued a statement that Government control was already being established, including the return of the mayor.

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Egypt (and Beyond) Live Coverage: The 2-Year Anniversary of the Uprising

Clashes near Cairo's Tahrir Square on the 2nd anniversary of the uprising against the Mubarak regime

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Thursday's Jordan (and Beyond) Live Coverage: A Parliamentary Election --- But What Does It Mean?

2150 GMT:Egypt. A high-ranking police officer in Suez has said two members of the Central Security Forces were killed in the city tonight.

Hundreds of people have raided the tax office building n the Delta city of Damanhour, stealing its furniture and electronic equipment.

2110 GMT:Egypt. At least six people have been killed in Suez today.

Three of the dead are 17-year-olds Mostafa Mahmoud Eissa and Mohamed Mohamed Gharib, and 26-year-old Mohsen Hussein.

Protesters and police clashes in Suez near the Governorate headquarters, with both sides throwing stones and some demonstrators hurling Molotov cocktails. The building was eventually set on fire.

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2012 in Review: How Did EA's Predictions Turn Out?

The Question We Asked Last Year: A Reliable Prediction? --- Right to Left: Tunisia's Ben Ali, Egypt's Mubarak, Libya's Qaddafi, Yemen's Saleh, Syria's Assad, Iran's Khamenei

On 1 January, I offered some predictions about the year ahead. How did they turn out?...

4. Speaking of Syria, things will get worse before they get better. The Arab League observers will produce a middling report, one that speaks of a crisis that needs fixing but will be slow to blame the highest levels of the Assad regime. International outcry will be loud. Eventually, someone will crack, and there will be intervention.

However, I would be shocked if this happened before April, and absolutely bewildered if it happened before March. The opposition is still, in the eyes of the world, not organised enough to serve as a skeleton upon which the international community can build a mission.

In the meantime, the protests will not go away, and more and more people will defect. Those defections, however, will not reach a tipping point for a long time for the regime, unless that international intervention happens.

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Egypt Feature: Not All "Islamist" Movements Are the Same.... (Youssef)

Protests in Alexandria, 21 December (Photo: Mahmud Hams/AFP)Alexandria is known to be a Brotherhood stronghold and is also home to some of the group’s most prominent leaders, including Essam al-Haddad and Hussein Ibrahim. It was also in this city that the Salafi movement was established, namely the Alexandria school of the Salafi Dawah in 1979.

But after the revolution, several loosely organized Islamist movements have emerged, influenced by recent developments and new ideas, including Hazemoun, the Third Islamist Current and the Salafi Front. Jama’a al-Islamiya and other jihadi movements have also made a strong comeback to the political scene.

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Syria (and Beyond) Live Coverage: UN Envoy Brahimi's Mission is "Dead in the Water"

Friday's message from protesters in Kafranbel in Syria to United Nations envoy Lakhdar Brahimi

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Friday's Syria (and Beyond) Live Coverage: Brahimi's Futile Mission to Moscow?

2137 GMT: Syria. Activists are claiming, supported by video of bodies, that five children and two women were among 10 people killed by shelling of the Damascus suburb of Douma today.

1829 GMT: Syria. The Local Coordination Committees is now including 220 people "field-executed" in the Deir Baalba section of Homs (see 1749 GMT) in its claim of 364 victims today.

The Committees write more than 20 children and 20 women are among today's deaths.

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